Intel To Push Ahead With MeeGo Despite Losing Nokia’s Support.


Earlier today, Nokia confirmed what many had been speculating for weeks — that they were turning their back on the aging Symbian platform and moving to greener pastures. The only thing was that no one knew exactly which pasture they would choose. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 and Google’s Android OS were the two top picks. Well, we all know now who they choose. But not so publicized was the real loser in this all — MeeGo.

Dubbed as the way of the future by Nokia not too long ago, MeeGo was supposed to be the Symbian replacement to bring the company back into popularity. Thus far however, few devices have even been mentioned with MeeGo in mind. Even worse, you can count on one hand how many MeeGo devices have actually shipped publicly. But to Intel, that doesn’t matter. They’re pushing ahead with MeeGo…

Intel’s official statement on Nokia’s Windows Phone 7 partnership announcement:

While we are disappointed with Nokia’s decision, Intel is not blinking on MeeGo. We remain committed and welcome Nokia’s continued contribution to MeeGo open source.

Our strategy has always been to provide choice when it comes to operating systems, a strategy that includes Windows, Android, and MeeGo. This is not changing.

MeeGo is not just a phone OS, it supports multiple devices. And we’re seeing momentum across multiple segments – automotive systems, netbooks, tablets, set-top boxes and our Intel silicon will be in a phone that ships this year.

While Nokia may be finished, Intel still has hopes for this capable and promising OS.

Via: LaptopMag


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