AMD Reorganizing Processors Into Three New Classes Under Visions Branding.


Athlon. Phenom. Sempron. All of these are previous naming schemes for AMD processors. But these names and future, unique names could be a thing of the past if a reported document by Xbit Labs turns out to be correct. Replacing the traditional AMD names we’ve come to know will be more basic titles based off the companies Vision trademark — Vision FX, Vision A Series, and Vision E Series.

  • Vision FX: Zembezi processors in 2, 4, or 8 core configurations. “AMD Vision Black” and “AMD Vision Ultimate”
  • Vision E Series: “Llano” APUs in 2 and 4 core configurations + AMD 6000 series graphics core. “AMD Vision Ultimate” and “AMD Vision Premium”
  • Vision E Series: 1-2 cores + AMD 6000 series graphics core. Low end. “AMD Vision”

Brand naming isn’t nearly as important as some may claim it to be. With that said, the restructuring is certainly surprising though not entirely unexpected. What do you think of the reported new naming structure for AMD platforms and processors? It seems easy enough on paper. After countless years of complete nonsense from Intel’s naming structure, we’re ready to welcome AMD’s new offerings with open arms.

Source: XbitLabs
Via: TomsHardware


  • February 12, 2011 3:11 pm
  • by: Mike
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  • Cjc

    I still don’t think this will translate to the consumer as well as Intel’s i-series branding. Once people understand a level system it translates pretty easily to value and pricing. Intel may have confusing chip names but once they are released to production the customer knows what they are getting. Celeron = bad, Core Duo = Ok, i7 = wahoo! Even within the i-series what could be better than the bigger the number the better?

  • Mike

    I think the newer i7 (Sandy Bridge) branding is a bit easier than the older first gen series.

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