Apple Wins GMSA’s “Phone Of The Year”. #mwc


HTC, Motorola, Nokia, Sony, and many others had plenty of exciting announcements and new devices to show off at this year’s MWC. And looking back over 2010, the same companies had equally impressive portfolios spanning many different price points, form factors, etc. And yet, Apple’s iPhone 4 is the recipient of the GSMA’s coveted “Phone of the Year” award for 2010. At first, it seems slightly odd given that Apple never attends shared events let alone announce/release new hardware alongside dozens of other manufacturers vying for the spotlight. But the GSMA has an open, impartial mind it seems.

For those who are slightly aggravated still, the GMSA did award “Manufacturer of the Year” to HTC, and Rovio Mobile whose game, “Angry Birds”, won two awards — “Best App Overall” and “Best iOS App”.

If you feel Apple unfairly took home the crown, offer up your own choice for “Phone of the Year” in the comments after the break…


  • February 16, 2011 6:56 am
  • by: Mike
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  • cjc

    What!? You mean it bested the iphone 4 with a bumper!?! I can’t believe it, they obviously don’t do any drop or reception tests. Seriously though I have a feeling this award was given on the sales figures alone. Minus the screen and 32gb option, the iphone’s hardware was nothing special and some was even behind the curve. I would have given it to a phone that expanded the boundaries early like the Evo. Iphone is the obvious choice though and no one will really argue too much.

  • Anonomus

    As if the iphone didn’t already have a big head!!!!! and yes that is what she said!

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