3rd Party Resellers Dropping AT&T Services And Hardware.


Fancy a good deal from Wirefly.com (and perhaps in the future Amazon’s wireless storefront)? Better get on that train while it’s still in town. According to a recent letter sent out by Wirefly CEO, Andy Zeinfeld, giving customers choices and cheap prices will no longer be possible with AT&T. Further adding to the pot is online retailer LetsTalk’s email to affiliates:

Effective March 8th, 2011, LetsTalk as well as other web indirect agents [...], will no longer be able to offer AT&T Wireless as a carrier option to our customers. The primary reasons given for this change in AT&T’s business strategy were centered around AT&T cost savings and retrenchment.

For now, Amazon hasn’t announced any discontinuation of AT&T services and hardware, though things could certainly change. On that note, it would certainly be sad to see all of the 3rd party resellers dry up. There have been some awesome deals over the last few years, netting AT&T two-years worth of montly payments. Apparently greedy company is greedy and needs and endless supply of more. We’ll see how that goes…

Source: Wirefly
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  • February 22, 2011 6:56 pm
  • by: Mike
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