Sony’s Next Failure: The “Unhackable” PS3.

  • February 22, 2011 6:15 pm

If Sony has their way, the next PS3 refresh will be “unhackable”, thanks to a larger included hard drive and a thus far undisclosed “anti-hacking system” — this according to IGN. It would be interesting to see how Sony plans to temporarily suspend PS3 hacking, but any hopes and claims to be able to permanently stop it just shows how utterly disconnected and incompetent Sony management really is. Piracy — yes, it’s bad. Throwing all your resources behind the endless game that you’ll never win — also bad. At some point Sony needs to realize that the tougher the DRM and “anti-piracy” measures become, the worse off general users will be. Because, in the end, the only people that will get around Sony’s anti-hacking antics are the dedicated hackers themselves.

Source: IGN
Via: ElectricPig

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  • Jordan

    I can actually see Sony getting close to accomplishing this. I mean, the PS3 as it was was the hardest console to hack. It took the longest, and when it was finally done, not much could be done with it until lately. With that said, Sony is a big dick. They need to suck it up and allow users to enjoy *their* purchases.