Samsung 9 Series Laptop Finally Gets Release Date.

  • February 24, 2011 2:28 pm
  • by: Mike

The MacBook Air fighter that wowed us at CES, the Samsung 9 Series laptop, has finally been dated. Starting this month in South Korea and spreading to the rest of the world come March, the Samsung 9 Series laptop is one of the few ultra-thin, sleek looking laptops that we wantreally want. Besides the dark duralumin case, the 9 series features Core i5 processors, 128GB SSD, 4GB of RAM, a 1366 x 768 display, Intel HD Graphics, WiFi/Bluetooth USB 3.0 (with 2.0 ports as well), LAN port, HDMI, microSD, backlit keyboard, and 6-cell battery. Windows 7 is the OS of choice.

We’ll note that for a MBA replacement, it is actually a bit overpriced (ironic — Apple haters, begin slinging items now…). The 13-inch MBA with 128GB SSD, higher resolution 1200 x 800 display, and much more capable Nvidia GeForce 320M graphics is only $1,299. Granted, the 9 Series has a leg up with 4GB of RAM to the Air’s 2GB and an included LAN port whereas the Air is dead in the water if now wireless waves are to be had. But that’s hardly reason enough for the nearly $1k difference.

But we’re all about choice here at GS. And if you feel the Samsung 9 Series is worth the $2k sticker, than so be it. Buy it, use it, and enjoy it. (We still want one.) Anyone have a 9 Series in their near future?

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  • Alexandra Lawrenz

    This laptop is incredibly sleek and has a unique look. I’m rather surprised by the price, though – seems pretty steep to me. Are there any key features that you think set it apart and make it worth the money over a MacBook Air?

  • Mike

    If you prefer Windows 7 over OS X, than you could consider that a feature. Of course, you can install Windows on any Intel Mac with Boot Camp, so that argument isn’t the strongest. If you need wired networking, the decision is pretty easy — MacBook Air does not have a gig LAN port and is wireless only.

  • arcanine

    Next generation processor, more ram, larger drive (over base configuration of air) back lit keyboard, harder material, thinner, lighter, sandy bridge integrated graphics which out class the 320M nvivda card in the air

    This is a stronger laptop, will have to wait until june to see the air refresh maybe they can put sandy bridge in the new airs to catch up to this

  • arcanine

    oh almost forgot, USB 3 support and a brighter screen 400nits, what I’d like to know is the read and write speeds on the SSD drives inside the air and this

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