The Current Best Reason To Jailbreak Your iPhone: MobileNotifier

  • February 28, 2011 9:32 am
  • by: Mike

Of all the things many would list as iOS’ largest shortcoming, notifications and their intrusive nature would likely take the win. When first unveiled, iOS lacked any dedicated 3rd party applications that could alert you. But even then, many people who received tons of text messages began raising concerns with Apple’s approach of notifications — you have to deal with each one as soon as it arrives. Since 2007, more notification-capable apps have been added to iOS as well as the market seeing three new competitors in the likes of Android, webOS, and Windows Phone 7.

While jailbreaking your iPhone has always allowed a better notification experience, the latest attempts of Peter Hajas’ MobileNotifier beta 3 is in and of itself, reason to jailbreak your iPhone. As seen above, it’s a very good looking solution that feels at home on iOS. But we’ll stop short of spoiling all the fun prematurely. Hop on past the break for a nice litter gallery and a quick video showing MobileNotifier in action.



Source: Peter Hajas
Via: 9to5Mac



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