Microsoft Dropping Support For Vista SP1.


If you’re still rockin’ a computer with everyone’s favorite OS, Windows Vista, and only have up to Service Pack 1 installed, Microsoft has a message for you: Upgrade or…upgrade. That is, upgrade to at least Service Pack 2 or just move on to Windows 7 entirely. While we’d highly suggest the latter, taking a mere bump in service packs is understandable.

The official date for the transition is July 12, 2011. After said date, users will no longer have access to security updates or patches from Microsoft.

While it may seem rather quick given Vista’s young age, the OS — which seems universally hated now that Windows 7 has matured — Windows 7 has proven the exact opposite. We have to ask: Who’s running Vista still?


  • March 2, 2011 6:46 am
  • by: Mike
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