PlayBook OS Does Away With App Install/Removal System Reboots!


With the tablet market quickly heating up, getting all of your ducks in a row (let alone standing out from the competition) is difficult. RIM’s latest adventure with the PlayBook just so happens to be one of those stand out devices thanks to the new QNX operating system. While we already know that the ONX OS is a large departure from the classic BlackBerry OS in regards to look, performance, and features, there’s a couple “stand out” features (for RIM products at least) that take the cake — no more system reboots after installing/updating/deleting an app. It’s the biggest pain with BlackBerry handhelds, and something that RIM honestly should have taken care of years ago.

The second big feature is that OS updates will be OTA (over-the-air), meaning no more babysitting a computer. In this respect, RIM is actually leap frogging ahead of Apple and the iPad in that iTunes is still required to update said tablet. Though we can’t forget Android, which has been able to do and has been doing OTA updates since the platform launched back in late 2008.

Pretty amusing that in 2011 we’re excited to say our “smart device”/tablet can install and delete apps without rebooting.



  • March 4, 2011 1:31 pm
  • by: Mike
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