Revamped webConnect Plans Coming To T-Mobile Customers March 12th?


Thinking of picking up one of T-Mobile’s fantastic webConnect broadband USB sticks for web action on the go? You may just want to cool your jets for a week or two. Documentation received by TmoNews shows verbiage pointing to a March 12th revamp of said plans. Specifically, the webConnect broadband plans will be completely revamped and pricing structure changed. On top of that, there is also information detailing a new 20% discount on webConnect plans when attached to an account with a qualifying voice plan.

Of course, the phrase “current webConnect plans will be grandfathered…” leads us to believe we could see a price increase and or data allotment decrease — far from an ideal scenario. In that light, we’d say hurry up and pay your way in to lock out any immediate price changes. Stay tuned…

Via: TmoNews


  • March 4, 2011 2:59 pm
  • by: Mike
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