Despite Rumors, Microsoft Pushes Zune Ahead With New Email App.

  • April 4, 2011 7:46 am

Despite earlier rumors that Microsoft was in the process of discontinuing the Zune HD media player, a new update appears to bring new life to an aging platform. The new update brings one simple yet important feature — email. The “email for Zune HD” app is a free download from the Zune HD Marketplace and supports Gmail, Hotmail, and Exchange accounts (POP3 and IMAP support is said to be iffy).

From our quick jaunt around the web, it appears that this bare bones email app is merely half-baked. The inability to customize server settings, short list of supported email account types, and no contact syncing whatsoever have been voiced. However, the biggest flaw we’ve seen highlighted so far is that the app needs to re-download email every time the app is closed and re-opened. Still, having something is better than nothing wouldn’t you say?

Via: EnterConnected


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