Is This Button-less Device The Next iPod Touch

  • April 5, 2011 9:50 am

We’ve heard tales and seen images in the past featuring a button-less iPod Touch/iPhone. But thus far, such things haven’t materialized into the public. But fresh images floating around the web this morning feature yet again an iPod Touch with a capacitive home screen “button”, increased 128GB of internal storage, and the same “DVT-1″ branding that was on a previously leaked 3rd-gen iPod Touch back in 2010. The firmware is listed as 4.2.1MC14 and the device itself carries a model number of MC550LL.

A steady hand and 20 minutes in Photoshop could garner you the image you see above. Nevertheless, the optimist in us hopes for the best. Whataya think: real or fake? Contemplate a little more after checking out a few more images after the break…


Via: Crunchgear

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