Review: Film Director Pro For iOS

  • April 6, 2011 7:08 am

Whether you’re a home movie junkie or professional on a mission, iOS has quite a wide assortment of video apps to suit most if not all your needs. Anything from simple home movies to full-on short movies can be captured, edited, rendered, and published on something as small and simple as an iPhone. With that said, today we’re taking a look at Film Director Pro to see if it is worth your time, and most importantly your money. Hop on past the break…

Upon starting up Film Director Pro, you’re given three options: Standard Mode, Pro Mode, and Show Time. The options are all pretty self explanatory. Standard mode allows you to alter movie effect, movie quality, soundtrack, and video time scale. Pro Mode goes a tad further in that it allows you to create custom names for projects, add multiple parts/effects to a movie, and edit previously created videos. Finally, Show Time is a collection of user-created silent videos from other Film Director users.

The real meat and potatoes of Film Director are the various effects you can create: Black & White, 20′s Movie, 60′s Home Video, Sepia, Sepia Vintage, 70′s Home Video, and None. Over the course of a few days, we found 20′s home movie was our favorite when combined with a video time scale of 2.0x. If the latter option isn’t right for your needs, you can always choose between 1.0x, 0.5x, 0.7x, 1.3x, 1.5x (default) and 3.0x as well. Wrapping it all up are the sound effects that play over top of your creations. While some may discount the fact that there are only a few pre-loaded soundtracks, the makers of Film Director Pro have made it possible to use your own tracks from your iTunes library thereby bringing almost unlimited options. If you’re still looking for more, there are a rather large selection of downloadable add-on soundtracks available at the Silent Film Director website.

Below are a couple samples we recorded. Please keep in mind that we are far from video professionals. As such, these are merely a quick sample of what you can do in a few seconds with Silent Film Editor.

Sample Videos

20′s Video

60′s Home Movie

Our videos not in-depth enough? Check out a few more samples at the official Silent Film Director YouTube Channel.


Is Film Director all it’s cracked up to be? At $0.99 for the standard version and a further $0.99 to upgrade to “Pro”, we’d have to say that you’re getting a pretty useful tool and excellent time waster for $2 total. To be clear, the Pro version adds the ability to trim video, add separate title cards, transactions, mix video with pictures and several other features.

The effects don’t look cheesy and the performance is actually quite good. Add in the community sharing aspect and you’ve got a great app for less than a gallon of milk. In our eyes, the developers of Film Director did a good job.

Both Silent Film Director (Free) and Pro are available starting today in the App Store — Download Silent Film Director (iTunes Link) **To access Pro version of Silent Film Director, download free version first and then upgrade within the app.


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