T-Mobile Launching $59.99 Even More Plus “Unlimited” Plan April 13th — Data Throttled After 2GB.

  • April 6, 2011 6:40 am

Unlimited and caps don’t really go together. So consider us disappointed with T-Mobile’s new $59.99 Even More Plus “Unlimited” Plan. Set to go live April 13th, this plan offers up unlimited everything for a very nice price. The only problem — while data is “unlimited” in that you don’t have to pay for extra bandwidth, once you go over 2GB your throughput is throttled way, way back to the point of being almost useless (read: dial-up speeds). In our books, that’s nothing more than a failure on T-Mobile’s part. As progressive as T-Mobile used to be, it’s sad to watch the carrier adopting what appear to be AT&T-like pricing and policies.

Via: TmoNews


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