Microsoft Explains: NoDo Self-Updater Prevents Future Updates To OS.

  • April 11, 2011 8:15 pm
  • by: Mike

We’ve already discussed the Windows Phone 7 NoDo self-updater, ChevronWP7.Updater, and the apparent effects it has on future upgrades. Microsoft has already come forward once advising users to avoid such tools until the ramifications could be better understood. Well, it’s later and Microsoft’s viewpoint has gone from unfavorable to do not use.

In very basic, none programming language, ChevronWP7.Updater does allow early self updates. After that, however, the tool prevents the phone from receiving any more updates from Microsoft. What isn’t clearly defined, though, is if a third part (such as another Chevron tool) could update the phone or push patches through.

This state of non-upgradability is actually pretty serious mainly because Microsoft doesn’t provide source code or individual ROMs for their WP7 phones. As such, the only true way to get phones out of the Chevron funk is to take said phones back to the official carrier and have them reflash the phones on site — definitely not a graceful or quick solution. Microsoft has stated that they are in the process of trying to reverse-engineer the ChevronWP7.Updater to “un-brick” the affected phones.

As the back and forth debate continues to wage over the usefulness and seriousness of self-updating WP7 tools, be sure to keep checking back with Gadgetsteria to stay on top of it all!

Via: Windows Phone Metro


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