RIM: “Native Email Client Coming To PlayBook Very Very Soon.”

  • April 15, 2011 11:12 am
  • by: Mike

Following increasing criticism for the apparently “half-baked” BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, RIM has had to aggressively defend itself from all angles. And while many of the comments made by senior staff (read: both co-CEOs) have been rather laughable or downright ridiculous, the pressure has netted us a nice little spoiler — a stand-alone email client is coming “soon”.

The admission came during a Bloomberg interview with co-CEO Jim Balsillie whom offered up the information when pressured about the lack of native email support:

“we will have an OTA email client to announce very very soon.”

The “soon” Balsillie is referring to is none other than BlackBerry World which starts up next month in Orlando, Florida. While the news is certainly welcome, RIM has a lot of work ahead of them. A native email client is but one of many factors that need to be re-worked in order for the PlayBook to succeed as RIM is expecting it to. For now, however, we’ll have to make to with RIMs work-in-progress.

Source: Bloomberg
Via: MobileBurn, Engadget


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