Review: Wireless Ground iPhone 4 Shell + Holster Combo

  • April 18, 2011 6:36 am

Besides a slew of developer support, there’s one big thing the iPhone has going for it — cases. There’s literally too many to count (or even keep track of for that matter). While we’ve all likely heard of the bigger names in iPhone accessories including but certainly not limited to Speck, Incipio, SwitchEasy, Griffin, Incase, and iFrogz, there’s a slew of more obscure companies all lunging for your attention and hard earned dollar. More times than not, the products be these lower-priced competitors are decent, though ultimately come away looking and feeling cheap. Every once in a while, however, we’re surprised.

Will the iPhone 4 Case + Holster combo from Wireless Ground impress us in quality and price? Hop inside to find out.

One thing that we immediately noticed about the case portion of this case + holster combo is that it actually feels very nice in the hands. It features a smooth finish that won’t absorb every piece of lint and dust in the room. A perfect combination in our book.

On the back side of the case, there is a handy kickstand that opens up and allows you to prop your iPhone up on a table in both landscape and portrait orientations. The kickstand itself seems a bit fragile, though we don’t see it breaking off from normal use anytime soon. If you’re the type who is rough on their gadgets, you probably don’t have an iPhone 4 (dual-sided glass is a nightmare) or at the very least are using a much more resilient case.

On the topic of protection, we’ll point out that this is not a case for those who like to completely cover their device. The top and bottom of the iPhone is completely open to the elements. An unfortunate landing on either end will likely result in shattered glass and shattered dreams. For the rest of the phone that is protected, however, we feel confident that the case will provide average/above-average protection.

The holster that accompanies the iPhone case is a no-frills holster. Slide in the phone/case and be on your way. The holster aides the case in providing additional coverage from drops. Thanks to the tight-gripping clip of said holster, we never once had a “random falling” from it’s position on our hip.


For $29.99, we really came away impressed. The case itself is thin yet protective on most corners. For longer periods of inactivity, the holster provides even more complete coverage. Physically the case and holster look more expensive than their price would lead to.

However, there is one thing that was an issue — the case is rather difficult to remove. We had to resort to (carefully) using a PCI bracked we had lying around. (Yes, random, we know. Any other sharp object would have worked, though.) Using fingers we literally found it impossible to get the phone out of the case. This could be due to our lack of finger nails in the office. Nevertheless, it’s something to consider if you are switching cases a lot for incompatible docks, charging cases, etc.

Overall, this case and holster is a steal at $29.99. If you’re in the market for such a thing, you should probably add it to your list especially considering the special $14.99 sale price at the time of writing.

Wireless Ground iPhone 4 Case + Holster Combo ($14.99)



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