Review: Ten One Design’s Fling for iPad


Ten One Design had added a way to enhance your gaming experience to the iPad (both versions). The Fling is an analog joystick that attaches to the touch screen of the iPad and allows you to control a game with a slightly different feel than using your fingers/thumbs alone. Simply start the game, lightly press the Fling’s suction cups to the screen (no licking required) in the area of the directional sensor and you are off and running, or shooting.

The feel is very good with the Fling. It was used with Angry Birds and Meteor Blitz (two games as suggested on Ten One Designs web site Angry Birds was decent, but it took a little getting used to at first. However, the Fling really came to life on Meteor Blitz. Being able to rotate the spaceship worked so well, I could have used  a second one to run the guns. It was almost as if buying just one was a tease.

Ten One Design has a hit with the Fling as it performed better than expected.  I like how they have a link on the Fling to a compatibility guide with notes on how it works with a certain game and would recommend it for iPad junkies as myself.

My only recommendation is to buy the two pack ($29.95 for two) so that your right hand doesn’t feel left out with multi-funtional games (direction and shooting).

Check out Ten One Design’s site to find more cool products for Apple and Android. Gallery inside…



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