Sony Gets Blasted By Congress For Missing Answer-Seeking Hearings.

  • May 4, 2011 2:18 pm

Sony’s already got quite a bit on their plate dealing with two massive security breaches within a single month. But sympathy is the last thing on various U.S. government officials’ minds as they collectively destroyed Sony via an onslaught of verbal attacks and accusations after the company declined to attend a fact-find hearing.

None of this is a surprise really. Angry politicians are the least of Sony’s problems at this point. Sony’s biggest fears in the immediate future will come in the form of lawsuit after lawsuit as peoples’ identities begin getting popped.

Of course, we’d really like to know just how patchy Sony’s security systems are/where if so much information was so readily available and easily harvested. Then again, we’d simply love a timely update from the media giant fully laying out the details as they are.

In other news: Where’s Sony CEO Howard Stringer?

Via: ArsTechnica


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