2 Big Reasons Music Lockers Won’t Catch On Anytime Soon.

  • May 10, 2011 2:57 pm
  • by: Mike

Today’s Google I/O conference was full of new announcements of some very exciting features and services coming to the Android platform. Perhaps the biggest of said announcements is the new Google Music Beta locker/streaming service.

Even though Google is launching Music Beta without the blessings of major music labels, it is still completely free. (You do not need a separate license to stream your own cloud-based music as labels may claim.) However, there are two looming problems that will stop Music Beta (and cloud lockers/streaming as a whole) dead in their tracks…

Data Caps

Nothing ruins an all out interwebbs party faster than a digital nanny. Data caps do just that. While the various tech companies such as Amazon, Apple, and Google (and many others) all tout exciting new cloud-based services, it will ultimately be the carriers who decide what does and doesn’t take place over their networks. This is done both directly (outright blocking services and apps) and indirectly (charging an arm and a leg for tiered data packages and add-on data allotment).

Battery Life

The things we ask our smartphones to perform increases both in number and complexity with each passing year. Battery technology, however, hasn’t really had any drastic improvements in years. The end results as we see today are shiny little internet bricks that last all of 3-4 hours when honestly and truly used. This of course makes data rationing and outlet babysitting a required norm that ultimately detracts from the overall mobile experience. Until modern science can provide us with a battery that easily withstands 24-36 hours of extreme (read: constant flogging) use, all of the latest cloud services aren’t going to matter as much as they should.

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  • Adampettitt89

    Not to mention the fact that service can be pretty spotty in a lot of locations (I’m looking at you AT&T). If I can barely count on them to make a call or load google how do they expect me to believe they’ll be able to handle my precious music collection.

  • Mike

    Tell me about it. In Chicago for the day and my iPhone 4 has pretty much turned into an iPod Touch no thanks to AT&T’s craptastic network. My Incredible 2 on Verizon’s 3G network and T-Mobile Rocket 2.0 USB modem both work fine. AT&T — nope.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JTQS25XTAODME3YEBTAGTPE2FU Montezuma


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