Bad Deal: Motorola Purchases DRM Company SunUp.

  • May 11, 2011 8:11 am

In many respects, consumers’ fight against one of the most flawed areas of modern technology — DRM — has been “won”. Fewer companies are relying on this digital cancer to push sales and are instead turning to offering truly unique and intriguing products and business models. Unfortunately, Motorola appears to be backpedalling with their recent purchase of DRM company SunUp.

Motorola and SunUp claim that in order to continue offering advanced video (and music) streaming as well as future technology, DRM will be needed to keep rights holders happy. While DRM has proven to be completely ineffective time and time…and time again, we keep seeing these tech companies fail at grasping basic logic and/or fully understanding the market they cater to. With that said, expect Motorola’s new DRM technologies to be cracked within 1-2 months of release — just like every other piece of DRM known to mankind.

-1 Motorola.

Via: IntoMobile, PhoneScoop


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