AT&T Launching Smartphone Security Service In 2012.

  • May 16, 2011 1:21 pm

Thanks to a recent interview between AT&T’s enterprise captain John Stankey and Reuters, it has been revealed that a consumer-grade security service for smartphones is coming in 2012. As smartphones become more important in the daily lives of consumers and traditional computing device usage wanes, hackers will turn their efforts towards the mobile world. Currently, the security/anti-virus/anti-malware service is being focused on enterprise enterprise customers, however, Stankey admits that the company is also looking at the consumer sector.

Unfortunately, while the new security service was acknowledged, any features we might see as well as supported platforms were left out. If we assume that the service will require some sort of client-side app or service, we can effectively rule out Apple’s iPhone which doesn’t allow non-sanctioned apps outside of the Apple App Store to be installed (legitimately). That leaves Android, BlackBerry, and webOS as the only other major contenders. Though the unstoppable popularity of Android and recent increase in Android-related attacks signals that said platform is high on the list of AT&T’s concerns.

It’s inevitable that our smartphones will one day have anti-virus/malware software and services like our desktop and laptop computers given the increasing power they contain. Perhaps that day is closer than we thought?

Via: Electronista

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