Facebook Creating Design Team For Desktop Facebook App?

  • May 30, 2011 10:13 am

Facebook has so far remained distant from the tablet — dare we say — fad sweeping the world, while making huge strides in the smartphone world. The company has long maintained that tablets as they’re intended, don’t need an app. They say HTML 5 and the traditional website are the better options. But as we’ve seen in countless examples (example: Official Twitter iPad app) dedicated apps can be many times better than the “normal” website could ever be, HTML 5 included.

But while tablets — and on a larger scale mobile devices — continue to explode in market share and overall growth, the traditional desktop scene is declining. So why is Facebook working backwards and hiring a bunch of desktop developers? It’s all very confusing to us as Facebook is sending mixed signals. One day they’re boasting of the future joys of HTML 5 and non-native apps, and the next day they’re hiring an entire team for desktop applications. The desktop user base is admittingly much larger. However, mobile devices and social networking will continue to grow in the coming years adding to the confusion.

While we love apps when done well for any platform, we’re having trouble figuring out exactly what Facebook is doing. Have an idea? Drop us a line after the break…

Via: TechCrunch


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