Patent Troll Lodsys Ignores Apple, Files Lawsuit Against iOS And Android Developers.

  • May 31, 2011 8:52 pm

It looks like Apple and patent troll, Lodsys, will be heading to the courtroom in what is sure to be a bitter battle — Initially, Lodsys claimed that individual developers needed to license their various patents concerning in-app purchasing within iOS specifically. Apple responded to Lodsys’ claims and more or less said they were full of crap. At the same time, Lodsys started targeting Android developers as well.

Late this afternoon, Lodsys appeared to ignore Apple’s warnings by filing suit against 7 different developers (7 iOS + 1 iOS developer who also has an Android version of his app). With that said, Lodsys posted many of the details highlighting affected developers, the apps in question, as well as calling out Apple’s apparent “misunderstanding” of licensing terms.

Breakdown of Lodsys’ lawsuit after the break…

The Accused

  • Combay, Inc. of Roanoke, Texas: Infringement of Lodsys patents ’565 and ’078 (at least) Mega Poker Online Texas Holdem for iPhone
  • Iconfactory, Inc. of Greensboro, North Carolina: Infringement of Lodsys patents ’565 and ’078 (at least) Twitterrific for iPhone, Twitterriffic for iPad, and Twitterriffic for Mac
  • Illusion Labs AB of Malmö, Sweden: Infringement of Lodsys patents ’565 and ’078 with (at least) Labyrinth for iPhone and Labyrinth for Android
  • Michael G. Karr [doing business as] Shovelmate of Las Vegas, Nevada: Infringement of Lodsys patents ’565 and ’078 with (at least) 69 Positions for iPhone
  • Quickoffice, Inc. of Austin Texas: Infringement of Lodsys patents ’565 and ’078 with (at least) Quickoffice Connect for iPhone
  • Richard Shinderman of Brooklyn, New York: Infringement of Lodsys patents ’565 and ’078 with (at least) Hearts and Daggers for iPhone
  • Wulven Games of Hanoi, Vietnam: Infringement of Lodsys patents ’565 and ’078 patents with (at least) Shadow Era for iPhone

Somewhat odd is Lodsys’ offer of $1,000 to all developers in the lawsuit if it turns out Lodsys is in the wrong. On the surface it seems like a good will gesture, but really it’s just a slap in the face of the developers. $1,000 won’t even begin to cover a good attorney to look at preliminary case details, let alone a full blow lawsuit such as what Lodsys’ claims entitle. Such a lawsuit can easily reach into 7-digit figures.

What will be interesting to watch is how Apple responds in the coming days — will they stick by their developers or let them go it alone? We for one certainly hope Apple steps in. Allowing a patent troll to wreak havoc on a very fundamental piece of Apple’s App Store backbone would be extremely devastating for Apple and the iOS ecosystem as a whole. In our opinion, Apple needs to stand up to Lodsys and show developers that they have their back.

Being that an Android app/developer is also tied up in this, we’d like to see Google respond in a similar fashion, — that is, call Lodsys’ bluff — and challenge them in a court of law while also showing Android developers Google won’t let their developers be pushed around.

**For the record, patent trolls are a cancer — a disease — that affects basic human creativity and innovation in the modern digital era. We here at GS wholeheartedly support the individual iOS, Android, and whatever other platform developers get caught up in this horse and pony show for a company trying to base their existence on the talents, work, and innovations of others.

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Source: Patent Troll (Lodsys)
Via: Foss Patents, TiPB


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