Twitter Announces Photo Sharing Service And Revamped Search Function.

  • June 1, 2011 2:59 pm

Following previous rumors that Twitter was in the process of launching their own photo sharing service comes a new announcement from Twitter’s own blog detailing just that. While the new service doesn’t have a specific name, Twitter revealed that the new photo sharing service is being hosted by Photobucket. Look for the new photo sharing service to be launching “over the next few weeks” on as well as the company’s official mobile apps.

Twitter also revealed a revamped search page that will not only show more relavent tweets to your topic, but display photos and videos alongside your search results as well. Building off the new search functionality is Firefox with Twitter which allows you instant search results by simple typing #hashtags or @usernames into the search bar.

Video of the new social goodness after the break…


Source: Twitter


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