Hundreds Of Gmail Accounts Phished. Government Officials, Military, And Journalists Included.

  • June 2, 2011 7:22 am

Learning of hundreds of email accounts being hacked isn’t exactly the news Google wants the world to be hearing and reading as they continually try to push into the security-conscious enterprise market, even more-so when several of the hacked accounts include senior government officials, military personnel, Chinese political activists and journalists. But that’s the situation Google finds them self in this week. Thankfully the actual threat isn’t as bad as it could be. Currently reports state that the accounts were compromised by using phishing sites posing as the real deal which careless/unaware users then in turn entered their information into the fake page/login box.

Google stated that the attack occurred completely outside of Google’s servers and that the hackers did not in any way infiltrate their security. With that said, technological incompetence on the users’ end is just as dangerous as hackers actively hacking into a website or service.

Source: Google Blog
Via: Washington Post



Author: Mike Norris

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