3 Suspected Anonymous Hackers Tied To PSN Hacks Arrested In Spain.

  • June 10, 2011 9:37 am

If authorities in Spain are to be believed, part of the hacker group Anonymous has been cracked. Three unnamed hackers believed to be members of Anonymous and tied to recent PSN Hacks were taken into custody Friday. In their efforts, Spanish police also found a server in one of the members’ apartments in Gijon that was supposedly used to not only hack Sony’s PSN but several Spanish banks and a slew of government websites across the world.

For now, the police aren’t naming anyone publicly or sharing many details outside of the general facts above. Also absent from the list of known information is just how involved these hackers were in the Sony hacks and Anonymous overall. At any rate, it appears Anonymous is coming under increasing fire as they hack their way around the world.

Source: NYT



Author: Mike Norris

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