Leaked Screenshot Shows Shared Data Plans In Verizon Systems.

  • June 15, 2011 6:40 pm

Verizon’s already mentioned shared data plans a time or two in the past but hasn’t actually given us any real time frame in which to expect them. While we were thinking of a solid 12-18 months out, a new leaked screenshot showing an internal Verizon Wireless system eludes to a release potentially much sooner.

Currently June 26th is the date of desire. Though we’re also hearing that any such deals won’t go live until after VZW’s LTE Hotspot promo that runs through July 7th. The final and least exciting outcome would of course be VZW not actually launching the new shared data plans anytime soon and that our 12-18 month estimate was right. But regardless of whether it comes next week, next month, or next quarter, we’ll be eagerly waiting.

Via: Droid-Life


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