Next Gen Xbox To Debut At E3 2012, Use DirectX 11, Feature 3D?

  • June 15, 2011 12:04 am

Microsoft’s E3 keynote came and went this year without any new hardware unveiled or even mentioned. Sony followed a similar path. It was Nintendo and Nintendo alone who had some new gear for the gaming world to poke and prod. And even though we certainly see the potential of the Wii U, we see it as more of a catchup to Microsoft and Sony’s current hardware than anything truly groundbreaking. With that said, while Microsoft may have disappointed legions of gamers in 2011, 2012 will be very different if recent claims by citing Crysis developer, Crytek, are to be believed…

Specifically, a high ranking insider at Crytek confirmed with fellow tech site, that Microsoft will be taking the wraps off of a new console within the next 12 months. The source cites current development of a new TimeSplitters 4 that will tap into the new console’s DirectX 11 power as well as numerous new features such as tessellation, multithreaded rendering, and compute shaders — we’ve also heard 3D. The most likely date at this point is E3 2012 which just barely squeaks into that 12 month claim.

Currently Crytek is still fending off a flurry of anger lobbied by PC gamers for “selling out” with Crysis 2 and it’s sub-par DirectX 9 graphics support in order to fit onto console discs and hardware constraints of these nearly 5-year old machines. PCs on the other hand have access to the latest and greatest hardware and software giving them a much better platform — but only if developers advantage of the tools at hand.

Question: What would you like to see in the next-gen Xbox?

Via: VideoGamer

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