Shocker: Sony Withheld Severity Of PSN Hack.

  • June 15, 2011 3:01 pm

In a new report published today by Kyodo News, it is alleged that Sony knew the full extent of the PSN breach but delayed announcing their findings in a feeble attempt to lessen public outcry. Of course, the exact opposite happened as more details trickled out and it was suggested Sony was deliberately withholding information.

The official report claims Sony acknowledged the PSN hack and the severity of the breach on April 25th though told the public on April 26th that they “couldn’t rule out the possibility” of such an attack. Furthermore on May 1st the company claims they didn’t even know of the hack until April 26th — the same day they finally alerted the public.

Sony responded to the report and maintained that they didn’t know the full extent of the hack and didn’t want to “bewilder” customers with false alarms if it was “only” information such as PSN account names and passwords that were stolen. Unfortunately for Sony they took their sweet time releasing information to the public whom did have personal information stolen in various forms.

The question on everyone’s minds now is what will the Japanese government do with these new allegations that Sony deliberately misled the public?

Source: Kyodo News (Subscription required)
Via: Kotaku, ThatVideoGameBlog

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