Apple TV - Actual TV - Set for Fall Release??

  • June 21, 2011 9:06 pm

Well, the rumors may hopefully come to fruition - Apple might be set to deliver us a display that will pwn all displays - EVER! I’ve had many a dry and wet dream of this day, as I did dreaming of when Apple would make a phone. The rumors have always been high, which makes sense from the sweet arse Cinema Displays that have been released with the Apple Brand.

But think about it, a full fledged Television - Apple Logo - Small remote - Even an iPhone/iPod remote - iTunes built in - iCloud doing cloudy things above it - really, think about it! “Sources” close to DailyTech whisper sweet nothings (hopefully somethings) in our ears involving a really neat relationship between a major Display OEM and Apple that will bring us super cool eye candy, and something that our kids (by which I mean us) can sit too close too. A former Apple Exec says that Apple is planning on “blowing Netflix and all those other guys away!” The TV will most likely have the AppleTV and iTunes bundled inside of it - INSIDE!!!!!

So what do you readers at home think? Good idea for Apple to dip their toes into the television world? Personally, I only think it is worth it if they will make my TV experience ‘Magical.’ They really need to ‘revolutionize’ the crappy TV I have sitting in front of me now. I think bundling the AppleTV and iTunes will be a neat idea, but I also think they should really integrate the iDevice family. Maybe something along the lines of how Nintendo is doing it with the new remotes, but with Apple cores and seeds. We’ll see this fall/Holiday season if the rumors will once again be squashed, or if it will bring a new iProduct into my househould. Small question still lingers though - with AppleTV already taken, what could ‘ol Stevie name it???

Source: DailyTech