AT&T: “On Track For 2012 Merger Deal”.

  • June 21, 2011 10:32 pm

It appears the ongoing pressure from various consumer rights and government agencies isn’t causing AT&T to sweat over their proposed merger with T-Mobile. In a meeting with reporters held in Washington DC, AT&T General Counsel Wayne Watts confirmed that the carrier had recently provided the Department of Justice with a fresh round (that makes two) of information regarding the specifics of the merger and that the March 2012 closing date was still “within reach”…

Watts also acknowledged talks with the FCC were currently ongoing and progressing favorably.

Depending on who you talk to and on what day, public opposition rises and falls. In the end no matter how you lay it out we will going from 4 major carriers to 3, and 2 major GSM carriers to 1. There’s not many ways you can cover up the fact that a monopoly/duopoly will be created should the government allow such a deal to pass.

As of writing, the New York attorney general and California’s Public Utility Commission are combing through merger documents and claims in an effort to weed through the lobbyist crap and get to the honest facts.

Hopefully common sense prevails for the betterment of us all…

Source: Washington Post


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