Sprint Rebukes AT&T Claims, Says They Could Boost Network Capacity 6x Without T-Mobile.

  • June 21, 2011 1:38 pm

AT&T’s sole reasoning for picking up T-Mobile has hedged on one simple claim — that allowing the GSM giant to gobble up the nation’s fourth largest carrier would allow them to boost network capacity by up to 6x. Unsurprisingly, Sprint is calling AT&T’s claims as a farce and saying that they could still boost network capacity by up to 6x without a single T-Mobile airwave by using more efficient network protocols and management.

Regardless of how you feel in regards to the merger, there’s no denying that going from 4 major carriers to 3 draws us closer to a dangerous duopoly should Verizon and Sprint shack up. You may laugh now but several comments have been made by Sprint in the past suggesting such things could happen should AT&T and T-Mobile merge.

Though considering Sprint outsources their own network management to Ericsson, we’re not sure they have a whole lot of room to talk when it comes to network management tactics…

Via: Electronista


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