Crysis 2 DirectX11 Patch Dropping June 27th.

  • June 22, 2011 4:28 pm

For several years Crysis has been a great indicator to overall gaming performance as to this day can push some PCs harder than they capable of going. So when the game developers behind Crysis, Crytek, unveiled Crysis 2 and it’s console port-like DX9 support, many cried fowl. Since Crysis 2′s release many weeks back, the initial fanfare has died down, though the criticisms still remain.

But that will soon change thanks to the often rumored DX11 pack that will bring many new, subtle UI tweaks to the game ultimately making it much, much prettier to look at. Everything from dirt, to shadows, to tessellation will now be enabled.

With that said, the image above is but one example of many compliments of NeoGAF. For the full gallery of GIFs, be sure to hit up NeoGAF’s original post which showcases 6 different environments with DX11 features enabled/disabled.

Source: ShackNews
Via: HardwareHeaven

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