T-Mobile Claims Over 1 Million Unlocked iPhones Pounding Their Airwaves.

  • June 22, 2011 9:07 pm

In an interview between a T-Mobile spokesperson and 9to5 Mac journalist Seth Weintraub, T-Mobile made the claim that they currently have over 1 million unlocked iPhones running on their network — quite the story when you consider the multitude of obstacles standing in AT&T iPhone users’ way when making the jump to T-Mobile. Everything from network incompatibilities, different sized SIM cards, and high prices for unlocked hardware aren’t easy to overcome…

The beauty of a GSM network is the relative ease in which you can jump between carriers. Unlike our CDMA brethren, the users of the SIM can simply pop out the little plastic chip and insert into the device of their choice. Though here in America, even GSM phones come fairly locked down.

In the case of the iPhone, only recently was AT&T’s multi-year exclusive broken. Even more noteworthy, however, was the release of completely unlocked iPhone 4s this past month that didn’t require an AT&T contract. But even with the unlocked status, incompatibilities between AT&T and T-Mobile’s high speed networks mean iPhone users on T-Mobile will never see anything faster than EDGE (think dial up) speeds. And yet despite the odds against iPhone users wanting to jump AT&T’s ship, T-Mobile seems to be doing rather well for themselves.

Besides the numerous issues highlighted above, AT&T iPhone users on T-Mobile have yet another obstacle in their way — micro SIM cards. Essentially, a micro SIM is just a normal SIM card with less plastic around the metal contacts. The simple solution is to cut your normal SIM down to size and then buy a SIM adapter if you plan on SIM swapping between your iPhone and “normal” phone.

In the end, the fact that over 1 million people hate AT&T enough to poke along with EDGE speeds when out and about is quite telling. How will said users cope should AT&T and T-Mobile be allowed to merge? How will Apple address T-Mobile’s frequencies on future iPhones? All good questions that will have to remain unanswered for now unfortunately.

iPhone users on T-Mobile: How has your trip been? Jealous of AT&T 3G speeds?

Via: 9to5Mac


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