Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Hits 25,000+ Apps!

  • July 1, 2011 7:21 am

Tired of hearing about iOS this and iOS that? Awesome! We’ll swing to the completely opposite side — Windows Phone 7. According to Windows Phone App List, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile reborn now has 25,000+ apps to choose from — 25,015 to be exact. The new milestone is pretty telling considering the Marketplace just hit 12,000 apps back in March, adding over 3,000 in April alone. Other nerdy WP7 Marketplace stats:

  • Average app price: $1.48
  • ~ 186 apps updated every day
  • 51% of all apps are free

Yeah, it’s a far cry from Android’s Market and Apple’s App Store. But it is a decent showing nonetheless. Considering Microsoft has managed to completely pull a 180 from the sinking mobile ship they were on just a few short quarters ago should speak legions of their determination and the potential WP7 has as a platform. Just look at what RIM has done in the last 2-3 years. Oh wait…

Via: WinRumors



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  • fernando garza

    Yep, I’m a WP7 developer - I developed #drynks, #nyctransit and #interview. I must say the dev platform is incredible.  I love the #WP7 OS