Xbox Live Hack: Microsoft Responds.

  • July 7, 2011 3:39 pm

Earlier today we touched on a story that involved PJ Hruschak of GamerTell and an unauthorized purchase on his personal account signaling a potential larger issue. With LulzSec’s “Final Release” including some Xbox Live information, the threat of a widespread XBL hack has been questioned and certainly can’t be ignored.

We sent out an email to Microsoft asking for any updates and/or clarification. According to the Xbox Live team, nothing widespread has been discovered thus far, though they remain “committed” to Xbox Live’s security.

We have not received widespread reports of this issue, and do not have any evidence Xbox LIVE has been compromised. However, we take the security of our service seriously and work on an ongoing basis to improve it against evolving threats.

So there you have it. Not hacked. Still, with everything that’s been going on as of late it doesn’t hurt to keep an extra eye or two on your financials.


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