Italian And Switzerland Police Arrest 15 Alleged Members Of Anonymous.

  • July 8, 2011 2:28 pm

Starting with the great PSN hack of mid-April, hacking incidents have commanded a premium in the tech world and mainstream media more in this year than we can remember. Part of that could be everyone’s focus on each and every hacking incident that comes to light. Nonetheless, hackers have stepped up their game — look no further than the 50-day reign of LulzSec and their unstoppable “canon of Lulz” that brought countless companies to their knees, some more seriously than others. But no one remains at large forever, even on the open web.

Today, Italian and Switzerland police forces claim to have arrested up to 15 members of the infamous Anonymous hacker group. According to Italian Polizia director Antonio Apruzzese, the arrest of these individuals is good for the world at large for they have:

…”created serious economic damages, having targeted a number of Italian businesses, including power companies Eni and Enel, multinational conglomerate Finmeccanica, media group Mediaset, and broadcaster RAI.”

Of the 15 men arrested, five were under the age of 18 and none were older than 28.

Contrary to the claims of Swiss and Italian police forces, Anonymous denies that the arrest is anything to worry about, that they are not some “group” that can be captured, and that they don’t have any leader.

“Anonymous denies these media reports (and) reiterates that this is impossible: Anonymous is not been dismantled. Anonymous has no leaders, no structure. All Anonymous members operate at the same level”

With the Anonymous’ attacks getting larger and more revealing with each passing month as well as security forces around the world increasing the scope of their hunt, this is one cat & mouse game you don’t want to miss.

Via: HackerNews

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  • Tim

    And they DO have leaders, even their chat logs are proof of it.  They just want you to think they don’t have any so that they aren’t targeted.  The same type of thing of when Lulzsec pretended they have given up and stopped doing this.  So that the wouldn’t be targeted, yet everyone knows they just teamed with Anonymous again (anonymous even stated so).

    Its to the point now they are becoming terrorists. Just because they aren’t using guns, doesn’t make it any different.

  • Tim

    Lulzsec/Anonymous denies everything as usual.  They are a bunch of lieing thugs.