“iPod Touch 3G” Concept Hits The Web.

  • July 12, 2011 11:48 am

If history repeats itself (and it will), this September will see the launching of new iPod Touches. And like the rumored iPhone refresh also coming in September, the next-gen iPod Touch is said to be getting rather minor upgrades with most of the change coming under the hood. The most exciting rumor we’ve seen thus far has Apple finally stuffing a 3G radio inside. Doing so will fulfill the dreams of countless Apple die-hards looking for a smaller iPad of sorts as that’s basically what a 3G-enabled iPod Touch would be.

Aside from internal features, the external ones will again be small in nature. Nevertheless, we won’t turn down a good concept image. And the one above created by the iPhoneDownloadBlog is just that — a good concept. What do you think? Worthy of the “iPhone Lite/iPod Touch 3G” name?

Via: iPhoneDownloadBlog, TheReadersEye


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