Google Updates Android Market With Revamped UI, New Movie And Book Downloads!

  • July 12, 2011 7:24 pm

Android 2.2+ users will be seeing some fresh paint roll out to their phones over the next several weeks. Besides a much cleaner, modern look, the revamped Android Market now features movie and book downloads too!

Movie downloads in particular will work across devices (desktop and mobile). All that’s needed is a google account to log into. Likewise, books are able to be shared amongst devices as they’re tied to your Google account and not a specific piece of hardware.

While Android users might not like to hear it (and it’s already been said quite a bit online), Google’s new Android Market revamp looks like it borrowed a few design cues from frenemies up north *cough* WP7 *cough*. Hey, you don’t hear us complaining…

The new Android Market will be rolling out over the next several weeks via automatic update to supported phones (Android 2.2+).

Via: Google Mobile Blog

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