Xbox 360 Auto Disc Changer Ruins Any Chance Of Exercise I Might Get.

  • July 12, 2011 1:47 am

Do you remember CDs? I doubt it, but if you do, you’ll probably even remember a device that would hold all your CDs and let you listen to them as you please - without ever having to swap out the round archaic things. Ben Heck decided that instead of recycling that piece of equipment, he’d put it to some good use. Heck has created an Xbox 360 disc changer. Yes, you heard it right. The gift that will be atop every mans Holiday wishlist! While taking your every day run of the mill 360 DVD drive, Heck was able to plop it inside an extremely transformed (Autobots or Decepticons?) Sony CD changer.

Please, someone purchase this and send it to me for review, or just send it to me. I want and need this. I don’t trust me kids to swap out my CoD: Black Ops disc with my Halo:Reach DVD. I barely trust them getting me beers while I play. If I had this in my house, I would never have to leave the couch, well, except when I have to clean the windows and the inside of the microwave at the Gadgetsteria headquarters :(

A Radical video awaits you after the break…

Via: Joystiq