AT&T/T-Mobile Merger: 5 Myths + 5 Facts.

  • July 18, 2011 12:10 pm

Josh Levy from Free Press has gone ahead and laid down the top 5 myths (and facts) concerning the ongoing AT&T/T-Mobile merger giving unknowing consumers a quick and concise way to see just how badly they’re about to be screwed. While the government is likely being wooed by AT&T and T-Mobile lobbyists, the Free Press (along with *hopefully* millions of Americans) are able to see straight though the tangled mess of lies and faulty information.

No matter what AT&T/T-Mobile may claim or how rosy a picture they paint, removing competition from the market is never good for the consumer or market as a whole. The real benefactors: AT&T/T-Mobile’s bank accounts.

Hop past the break for Josh Levy’s (Free Press) top 5 myths about the AT&T/T-Mobile merger.

Via: TmoNews, BerryReview

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