Friday Morning iPhone News: iPhone 5 And Bluetooth 4.0.

  • July 22, 2011 6:33 am

Oh….TGIF! What better way to kick off the death of the week than the latest iPhone 5 rumors! First up: Verizon Wireless is beginning to clear out iPhone accessory stock — this according to a “well plugged in source” of PhoneArena. While the fire sale of accessories in and of itself isn’t a surefire way to claim an impending iPhone 5 is on the near horizon, it’s but one small piece of the overall puzzle that is pointing to an August/September iPhone launch.

In other news: Rumors of NFC capabilities to the next-gen iPhone range from from simply untrue to “way off”. Specifically, IT Pro Portal is reporting Apple could be bypassing NFC support in favor of the newer Bluetooth 4.0. (For the record, the first mainstream Bluetooth 4.0 products were just released yesterday — the new MacBook Air and Mac Mini.) Apple is notorious for keeping things simple not only in software but hardware as well. Having multiple chips for multiple wireless technologies can lead to larger devices and poorer battery life. The big draw — or lack thereof — is Bluetooth 4.0′s low power mode which allows it to operate at 1/100th that of traditional Bluetooth. On the flip side, This lower powered mode on Bluetooth 4.0 is much slower than traditional Bluetooth (which itself is already pretty slow). Nonetheless, with a boosted range of up to 200m and reports that Bluetooth 4.0 can toggle between low and high power modes, we’re willing to give the new tech the benefit of the doubt.

As the iPhone 5 launch moves closer, we have no doubt the rumors will increase both in frequency and scope of features. As for the rumors above, we can neither confirm nor deny the claims. With that said, stay tuned to Gadgetsteria as we bring you the latest iPhone 5 news!

Source: PhoneArena | ITProPortal


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    Either way, I’m ready for it. I need something new in a phone. maybe copy and paste?