T-Mobile: “G-Slate Tablet 300% Faster Than Motorola’s XOOM On VZW.

  • July 22, 2011 2:07 pm

When will hardware manufacturers learn that bold phrases such as “200x faster than…” and “ultra sharp screen…” are nothing more than buzz words that do little to actually inform the public about a particular device’s features. Marketing at it’s finest unfortunately. So consider us unamused with T-Mobile’s new claims regarding their G-Slate tablet boasting of (network) speeds that are “200x faster than the iPad 2 on AT&T and Verizon” and 300x faster than the Motorola XOOM on Verizon Wireless. The tests were conducted in New York City and Seattle, Washington by an “independent third party conducted testing” — that doesn’t sound janky at all — and found T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network easily beat the competition.

Mild criticism and sarcasm aside, the G-Slate hardware is one of our favorite Android tablets. Now if only T-Mobile wouldn’t mislead customers with potentially false claims — cellular performance is incredibly inconsistent and dependent on a number of factors. On that same note, the G-Slate tablet itself isn’t any faster than the iPad 2 or Motorola XOOM. T-Mobile is merely marketing their 3G — it’s not real 4G — HSPA+ network. Plus, once the LTE XOOM is made available, T-Mobile’s claims will be instantly nullified. LTE is light years ahead of HSPA+.

But hey, T-Mobile does have one thing down pat: The G-Slate only costs $399 w/ a 2-year contract and $599 off contract. Not a bad deal compared to the competition if we say so ourselves.

Source: T-Mobile
Via: BGR

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