Google Chrome Browse Share Up 6%. IE Falls To 53.7% Overall.

  • July 25, 2011 10:53 am

Yay! Browser market share numbers. This rather unexciting topic is oddly enough one of our favorite topics. On that note, Zdnet has released a new chart (above) that shows browser market share over the last year. Specifically, Chrome is up 6% along with Safari’s ~2.25%. Meanwhile Mozilla’s Firefox and Microsoft’s IE browsers continue to bleed users with the latter now falling to 53.7% overall. While IE still holds over half of the world’s browser share, we’ve seen it tank in the last couple of years thanks to faster updates from the likes of Chrome, Firefox and Opera as well as a continuing sub-par support of modern and upcoming web technologies. With that said, IE 9 has actually been rather relevant concerning new web technologies. Though Microsoft has always been extremely slow at updating IE, and unless things change, we’ll see competitors update their own browsers many times over before Microsoft can push out another worthwhile update.

Anyone care to share their browser of choice?

Via: AlleyInsider

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