Did Apple Just Leak 3G Capable iPods?? [Update]

  • July 26, 2011 12:17 pm


Apple has seen the error of their ways and updated their iTunes page. It now says iPod and shows the WiFi signal strength as… Honest mistake or chicanery? Pictures of the newly edited site after the break

We’ve been hearing of the iPod 3G (if you will) for some time now. It only makes sense - with it’s younger much taller cousin the iPad having the cellular data capabilities. With all of that said, this current rumor might have just been given enough fuel to make it to space. If you swipe your way over to Apple’s iTunes page and take a look at the iPod standing next to the iPad and MacBook Air, you’ll see a 3G icon sitting to the right of full signal strength. There is no AT&T or Verizon logo, but most of those are missing from the iPhone pictures as well.

Did Apple’s website munchkins just blow it? Did they mean to put an iPhone 4 there, and just forgot? The image is also buried within their iPod Touch page, smaller, but you can see the icon there.

Source: iTunes Page
Via: iDownloadBlog


  • http://www.gadgetsteria.com The Gadgeteur

    Interesting if it is in fact a slip up on Apple’s part — such things rarely happen.

  • http://Gadgetsteria.com Jordan Carpenter

    I was thinking the same thing, but there isn’t much of a way to explain it. Unless when they use pictures they use bits and pieces from different devices, like they took the screen picture of an iPhone and dropped it into the iPod body. We’ll see I guess.

  • http://Gadgetsteria.com Jordan Carpenter

    Actually, by checking the iTunes section now, it has been changed to a WiFi logo. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Trter10

    probably just an accident….