iCloud.com Goes Live For Developers. We Bring The Screenshots (And Pricing)!

  • August 1, 2011 7:04 pm

Apple’s new web interface for their upcoming iCloud service is now live…for developers. Yeah, sorry about getting you all excited. But hey, it’s alright. We’ve got some screenshots of the new service for you to pour/drool over.

Before you jump inside, how about a look at pricing, hmm?

  • Additional 10 GB — $20/year
  • Additional 20 GB — $40/year
  • Additional 50 GB — $100/year

Ok, now it’s time for the eye candy/holy gigantor screenshots batman…

iCloud.com Gallery

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  • Jordan Carpenter

    i see my name in the email app shot !!!!!!!!! Now they know who I am!