iPhone 5 Delivered To Carriers For Testing?

  • August 2, 2011 10:40 pm

The Guardian is reporting that super secret sealed boxes have been dropping on Carrier doorsteps recently. What’s inside you ask? Sweet iPhone 5 prototypes. Why you ask? Well, of course it’s for testing purposes! With all the guessing that is going on in the tubes of the internets about the release date of Apple’s 5th generation cellular telephone, we might have a tad sturdier leg to stand on. If you aren’t in the know, when a carrier receives prototypes for testing, they usually take a few weeks to for testing and then report up to Apple any issues they find.

We know how secretive Apple is, so we are assuming you are given a wooden (still very sexy) box with a hole in it. You stick your hand in said hole and guess where you gesture your finger at, and pray it works. This exact method was used back in the iPhone 4 testing days which is what led to [Antennagate]…

Once all reports have been shot up to Apple, manufacturing should commence - giving us the release date in September. This isn’t concrete, but if sources are correct, it could be very likely. With iOS 5 leaning towards a September release, combining the two as one magical event makes sense. However, September marks the ‘Music’ event which usually gives us a new iPod and having a release of 3 major items doesn’t seem anything like the Cupertino gods. But, Apple will want to release any major toy before the Holiday Season to drive as much revenue as possible and capitalize on Santa’s kind heart.

If you’re like us, every July or so you drop $199 to get the latest and greatest. With it being August and with the insides of our pockets still cradling the iPhone 4 - we’re itching to go. If the iPhone is truly out for carrier testing I am really looking forward to leaked photos of the new device.

Source: Gaurdian
Via: iDownloadBlog

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