Apple Launching “iTunes Replay” Within Weeks. Re-Download Lost iTunes Content. (Streaming Too?)

  • August 3, 2011 9:26 am

You’d think in the modern age of 2011 we could re-download purchased content via big name digital media providers such as iTunes. But as many of you know, re-downloading lost content often takes a fair amount of groveling to Apple CSRs, if they even give you the option of re-downloading said content at all. But AppAdvice paints a more optimistic picture with claims they have heard and independently verified a new service Apple will allegedly launch in the coming weeks called “iTunes Replay”.

Even more tantalizing than the ability to re-download lost iTunes content, however, are new rumors pointing to iTunes streaming dropping underneath the iTunes Replay moniker.

What’s unknown at this point is how or if Apple will tie iTunes Replay into iCloud. According to AppAdvice, Apple is actually planning on keeping the two separate. Also in the dark are how Apple will integrate iTunes Replay into iOS and OS X — will their be dedicated mobile and desktop apps?

Nothing has been confirmed *officially* of course given Apple’s super secret nature. Nonetheless, we’re pretty stoked. If Apple can push out a reliable (and simple) streaming service/feature built into iTunes, our Spotify and Rdio accounts will quickly get pink slips — that is of course assuming any associated costs are minimal.

Stay tuned…

Source: AppAdvice

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  • Alexandra Lawrenz

    Interesting service Mike, thanks for posting. This is great news for
    music lovers who dread the thought of losing their music and having to pay to
    download each song again. Do you know if you will only be able to re-download
    iTunes content bought recently—what if you lost content that you bought 5 years
    ago? And it will always be free?