Sony Falters: PS Vita Japan-Only Until 2012.

  • August 4, 2011 7:53 am

Too bad Sony won’t make the holiday shopping season in the U.S. and Europe — two markets that generated 40+% of their revenue last fiscal year — as we’re sure a fair amount of mobile gamers would bite.

The bad news comes by way of Sony’s own Kazuo Hirai, top lieutenant of king pin Howard Stringer, who claims the PS Vita will launch in Japan late this year first, and hit U.S. and European markets sometime early next year. Originally, the company mentioned a vague “late 2011″ staggered release for the device.

As disappointing as delays are — and believe us, they’re heart wrenching — we simply weren’t all that impressed by the Vita. Apparently our expectations our too high.

Now that your Christmas wish list was just chopped at the knees, what are you going to replace it with?

Source: Bloomberg
Via: Engadget


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